Business Items

Incorporation: Daybreak Church is a nonprofit 501C(3) corporation established under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as “Daybreak Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.” Our principal office is located at 321 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, 17055. More information is available by viewing our by-laws.

Affiliation: Daybreak Church is connected with and subordinate to its parent religious organization, The Christian and Missionary Alliance, a Colorado non-profit corporation. We submit ourselves to the terms and conditions of Section XV of the Uniform Constitution for Accredited Churches of the Christian and Missionary Alliance relating to the reversion of property of accredited churches.

Tax Exempt Status: By virtue of its affiliation with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Daybreak qualifies as a tax exempt organization under Section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code in accordance with the terms of the letter dated January 10, 1992 issued by the Internal Revenue Service to the denomination.

Governance: Daybreak is governed by the Leadership Team which includes several of the Pastors and the Elders. Each of the Elders serves a three year term, and can only serve two consecutive terms before taking a one year break. As a corporation, Daybreak has four officers: the President is the Lead Pastor, the Vice President is an Elder on the Leadership Team, the Treasurer is a member of the congregation, and the Secretary is also a member of the congregation. The leaders and officers are elected at the annual congregational meeting per the church by-laws.

Finances: Daybreak’s finances are managed by a combination of staff and volunteers supervised by the Business Manager. The Business Manager position is part of the Operations Ministry headed by the Director of Operations.

Budget: Daybreak manages its finances in accordance with an annual budget which is approved by the Leadership Team and the congregation before the start of each fiscal year, which runs from September 1-August 31. For a copy of current budget, please contact the church office at 717-791-1200 or by email to