In lieu of our GC5K this year, we invite you to join us for this virtual challenge where you'll commit to RUN, WALK, HIKE, SWIM or BIKE anytime from Sunday, September 27 to Saturday, October 3. 

Until then, we invite you to start fundraising beginning Sunday, August 30 by asking your friends and family to make pledges toward the activity you're planning to do. 

Your involvement will show God’s love and compassion through supporting more than 700 Alliance International Workers who care for the least-reached peoples in nearly 80 countries around the world.

How to Join the GC Challenge

Step 1:

Join the challenge as an individual or family by creating your own Pledge It Fundraising Page starting Sunday, August 30. 

(Follow the directions below to set up your page.)

  • Head to PledgeIt.db.church
  • Click "Join"
  • Individual Participants: Complete First & Last Name. For example: Jason Fickes
  • Families Participating Together: Complete "Family Name" in first & last name fields. For example: Fickes Family
  • Fundraising Goal: Choose an individual or family fundraising goal amount you’d like to raise during this challenge through asking friends & family to make pledges.
  • Estimated Miles: Estimate how many miles you'd like to complete during the entire week of this challenge, in case friends and family want to pledge to you per mile.
  • Story: This section will auto-populate with info about the challenge.
  • Add a photo of yourself or your family.
  • “Skip” adding a custom cover photo (the GC Challenge logo will auto-populate).
  • “Email friends and family” to help you raise support for this challenge.
  • Invite Donors” by adding email addresses/names of friends and family members you’d like to ask to support you in this challenge. (The text of the email will auto-populate with the Story description and your personal goal.)
  • “Send” the donor email.
  • “View Page” in the top right corner to see your completed Pledge It page and your personal page link.

Step 2:

Pay the GC Challenge registration fee by making a one-time donation on your personal Pledge It page:

$20 for individual

$50 for family

Just click "donate" on your personal Pledge It page and choose the appropriate amount - you can also choose to donate more than that amount!

Step 3:

Beyond emailing friends and family directly through Pledge It, share your Pledge It page link via social media to invite others

to join you in reaching your goal through an online donation. Cash/check donations can be turned in to Daybreak on Sunday, October 4.

Step 4:

Visit GCCtshirt.db.church by September 13 to indicate your needed t-shirt size(s). 

Step 5:

Pick up your t-shirt(s) on Great Commission Sunday, September 27 to wear when you WALK, RUN, HIKE, SWIM, or BIKE between September 27 and October 3. 

NOTE: Make sure to log the miles you do that week on your personal Pledge It page - this will invoice any donors who pledged to you per mile!

All donations collected via Pledge It or via cash/check from Sunday, August 30 through Saturday, October 3 will be counted up on Sunday, October 4 toward our GC Challenge goal of $40,000!

Read more about our goal below >>

What does the $40,000 of the GC Challenge support?

While COVID-19 has limited our ability to come together in person to raise funds for the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of the Alliance this year, it has not limited our ability to still make a huge impact.

In fact, we believe we can make an even greater impact as we have designed a fully inclusive virtual event for our Daybreak Family and Friends.

As a church, we have committed to contribute $20,000 to the GCF this ministry year through monthly budgeted giving to the general GCF as well as specific GCF partners and projects. 

We are asking the Daybreak Family to help us double our generosity by joining this challenge to help us raise an additional $20,000, for a total GCF contribution of $40,000 given over the course of this next ministry year.

Your involvement will help support over 700 Alliance Workers around the world who are bringing God’s love and compassion amidst very chaotic circumstances. 

Through participating in the Great Commission Challenge we are able to join our greater Alliance family across the world to Care in the middle of Chaos among the least-reached peoples in the United States and nearly 80 countries around the world.