As we finish out this year, we know there’s no shortage of ways to participate financially in how God is changing lives in our church, community, and world. As you consider how God may be calling you to use your resources this season, know that an intentional year-end gift to Daybreak would help forward the mission of Jesus both locally and globally.

2018 Year-end Offering Projects ($40K)

1. Live-streaming Services ($10K) – Live-streaming will make our weekend services available online to our church family and to potential guests in real time when they can’t make the weekend or have never been to Daybreak. We believe live-streaming is like opening a new front door to our community to experience our church before showing up in person. We need your help to purchase about $10,000 in equipment to make this a reality.

2. New Global Partnership in Cuba ($8K) – Our larger church family, The Alliance, has invited our church to partner with them to serve the exploding church in Cuba! After years of Communist rule, Cuba has opened its doors to the gospel, and we are thrilled to be asked to be part of this new opportunity by sending our short-term teams to serve in Cuba. You can help launch this partnership by funding the $8,000 in initial costs.

3. Kid Min Building Roof Replacement ($22K) – We invest in our facilities because they provide the ministry environment for Jesus centered life-change. Our next investment is in the roof over our Gettysburg Pike Campus Kids Ministry wing, which is in dire need of replacement. Our church cares deeply about the next generation. Will you help provide a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment for the 160+ kids that meet there each week? To replace the roof over our Kids Ministry building, it will cost about $22,000.

If God moves in your heart to give an additional gift to Daybreak this year, you can give online or by writing, “Year-end” on an offering envelope before December 31, 2018.