The Beack's Prayer Requests

Praises from the Beacks:

  • We are excited to report that Brand New Day was able to complete two houses on the land that the ministry recently purchased. One of the houses is being used as the independent living house for young men over 18. A basketball court was also built!
  • Brand New Day recently celebrated our 11th anniversary! Praise God for all the lives touched during these 11 years!
  • Praise God for new supporters for our family's support team and those who have increased their monthly giving!

Prayer Requests from the Beacks:

  • Pray for funds to come in to build all the buildings that are needed so that all the youth can start living on the Brand New Day property
  • Pray for health, safety, and creativity for the staff and youth of Brand New Day. The staff continues to live at the Brand New Day homes to care for the youth. Pray for creativity for the staff to come up with activities for the youth as they are living in tight quarters and can't leave the homes because of very strict lock down rules in the Philippines.
  • Right now, the Philippines is not giving visas to enter the country because of the COVID-19. Originally, we were planning on going back to the Philippines in June; however, that is now really up in the air. We were planning to be back for our kids’ next school year, and one of the schools starts in July! Pray for peace as we wait to find out what will happen.
  • Pray as we seek God regarding schooling for Aiden, who was diagnosed this year with autism. Pray with us as we seek God about how long we should stay in the Philippines once we return, because we are considering what will be best for Aiden in regards to schooling.
  • Pray for more monthly supporters; we need to raise our monthly support in order to be fully supported when we return to the Philippines.