Africa Prayer Requests

My wife and I are in our second term as IW’s in our adopted country after lengthy careers as public-school educators on the East Coast. We completed one year of national language study and two and a half years of intensive local trade language study. We have served as team leaders for the better part of a year. Our primary ministry is to teach English as a Foreign Language at our ministry center to young professionals and university students. In addition to seeking to tangibly help our students, we seek to allow the Spirit to cultivate relationships that will allow the sharing of the Truth in this predominately non-Christian nation. We also seek to engage our students outside of class with “Experience God” bible studies, "dinner/lunch with the teacher" experiences and special events at our center. Furthermore, we try to support the national Alliance church by our attendance at worship, seeking discipleship opportunities among young believers and providing literature and funding resources. God is also providing opportunities to share the Word with neighbors and house workers!

Recently we have been privileged to facilitate a thirteen-week journey of biblical discovery with as many as eight students, all but two of them from the majority religion. This course uses the signs and prophets throughout the Word to point participants to the Messiah. Most of the students in this study have been open to exploring the Word at our center for as many as six years. Those from the majority faith are in the “discipleship process” although none of them have openly chosen to follow Jesus yet. God is drawing our non-believing friends to Himself! In our context, however, it is often a painfully slow process that requires the platform of deep trusting relationships. Our Lord's persevering desire is that everyone would have access to the Good News and the opportunity to either accept or reject His invitation!

Prayer Requests:
  • Good relationship building with their students during the summer trimester (June & July).
  • Peace in the country and to save the extremists that wreak havoc in this country.
  • To move in their students' hearts, that there would be curiosity about and a desire to receive Jesus as their Savior. 

El Dorado Prayer Requests

  • The country is having the highest number of COVID cases right now. So please, keep praying for the Lord's protection over our brothers and sisters. 
  • For the difficult economic situation because of the pandemic. There is an increase of prices in all products and a huge shortage of food and medications.  
  • That the country opens soon, so our international workers can travel to the country again. Right now, the country's government has reduced the amount of flights from the US to only one weekly flight per airline and there are only 3 commercial airlines flying there.
  • That the Lord provides all the funds and materials needed to finish the Planting Training Center Project. Please, pray for the center's pastor and his wife.
  • That the Theological Seminary can find new strategies to continue with the classes. Students can not attend in person due to the pandemic and the internet access is very poor.  

The Beack's Prayer Requests


  • Praise God for all He has done in the lives of the youth at Brand New Day and that we were able to serve in that ministry.
  • Praise God that Matt's parents were able to have an apartment built for themselves and they have graciously allowed us to live in their house for this extended time.
  • Praise God for all the ACTION Philippines missionaries that have been serving Him - those who have stayed in the Philippines during Covid-19 and those that are in their home countries and haven't yet been able to return.  

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the paperwork required for us to return to the Philippines will be completed and that we will get approval from the country to return.
  • Pray for schooling for Aiden, our son that has autism- for us to choose the best school that will give him the support he needs. 
  • Pray for guidance as we start a new ministry and seek to support and encourage missionaries. 
  • The Philippines has been on strict lock-down for more than a year and has many restrictions; pray that our family will be able to get used to these when we get there. Also pray for schools to be allowed to be in-person soon. 
  • Pray for more monthly supporters; we need to raise our monthly support in order to be fully supported when we return to the Philippines.       

Wycliffe Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our transition to our new assignments with Wycliffe. Pray that the Lord would use our skills to bless the Bibleless in a new way.
  • Pray for the 2700+ languages that have an active translation project underway. Ask the Lord's provision and protection for the team members of these translation projects and that the Word of God would be preserved and spread throughout the world! 
  • Pray for the 2000+ languages that still need a Bible translation. Pray for people to respond to God's calling to be a part of that effort to bring the Word of God to the nations.
  • Continue to pray for healing and strength for us.
  • Pray that we would get to know our neighbors in our new neighborhood. We are excited to build into the community around us.
  • Pray for our ministry, that the Lord would refresh us daily and renew our hearts and minds to appreciate anew what He has called us to and find in Him the strength to continue striving for the goal.