We partner with The Alliance in various countries throughout the world by sending short-term trip teams to serve alongside long-term Alliance missionaries (international workers) in each partner country.

PRAY  //  GIVE  //  GO

The heart of Global Ministries is that every Daybreaker would have the chance to contribute to God's work globally by partnering through:

(1) Prayer

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(2) Financial Giving

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(3) Going on a Short-Term Trip


In 2008, we began a partnership in Ecuador serving with the Ninawachi Missions School in Huaticocha. Ninawachi’s mission is to train indigenous youth to be missionaries and send them out to the forgotten people throughout the jungle regions to make disciples in these communities, connecting them to the body of Christ.  

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Santo Poco

In 2019, we started a partnership with the The Alliance in a Creative Access Country (CAC) that we've given the code name "Santo Poco." The goal of this partnership is to come alongside the national church to support the work that God is doing in that region, as well as build relationships.  

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What's a CAC? It's a country that has restrictions on missionaries entering and sharing the Gospel, and thus, there is the need to be creative in doing so. For this reason, we cannot mention the name of this country online, so we'll be using the code name "Santo Poco."