And they're off!

6/15/19 - 

At 3 am, this incredible team of 17 headed off to the airport. As of mid morning, they have arrived in Miami for some training today and then they will head out on another early morning flight tomorrow for their final ministry destination where upon arrival tomorrow morning they will jump right into ministry. Pray for energy and that their little sleep would be restful! 

While we did get a few pictures of them around 3 am, we told them we'd honor them by posting this picture of them instead of their 3 am tired faces under the pole lights of our Gettysburg Pike Campus parking lot. Please be praying for them this week and check back for updates. Updates will be posted as internet coverage and as availability allows. We love these guys and couldn't be more excited to see how God uses them this coming week! 

Entry 2

Coming soon!