Ministry Board

In addition to our Central Staff Team, the following folks serve as lay Elders and Deaconesses on the Ministry Board of Daybreak. The Ministry Board can be contacted anytime at

  • Joel Boone (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Joel grew up in Ellicott City, MD and began attending Daybreak in 2005 with his wife, Bryanna, and their now 4 children. Of Daybreak, Joel says that he and Bryanna "meshed with our whole vibe," from the worship to the preaching, and most importantly how the people were comforting and challenging at the same time. Currently Joel serves as a Clarify Workshop leader and helps with ministry placement in Connecting Ministries. He also serves as a 1st grade boys Small Group leader on Sundays. Professionally, Joel works as a Product Marketing Manager for Phoenix Contact in Middletown. In his free time, he enjoys watching the Caps, Redskins, and Wizards, he loves to help out with his kids' sports teams, and he is trying to visit every baseball stadium with his Dad.

  • Debbie Chopka (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Debbie grew up all across the Midwest, living in 4 different states, but graduating from high school in Arkeny, Iowa. As an adult, she’s lived in 3 more states! After moving to this area from Louisville, Ohio, Debbie and her husband John began consistently attending Daybreak in 2008 after their children (Rachel & James, now in their early 20’s) had such great experiences at Daybreak and kept expressing a desire to return. John and Debbie were drawn by the welcoming, loving, spirit-filled and friendly people here. Currently, Debbie helps lead the Marriage Matters Team, serves in Kid Min and as a greeter. Professionally, she works part-time as an administrative assistant for 3 academic departments at Messiah College. In her free time, Debbie really enjoys scrapbooking. 

  • Jason Dadey (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

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  • Carol Ensminger (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

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  • Linnea Hollander (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Linnea grew up in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. She and her husband Carl were part of Daybreak’s launch back in 1999. They were married that same year and have attended Daybreak ever since, having 4 great kids over that time period (currently all middle school to high school students). One thing Linnea has always loved about Daybreak is the way that we love people for who they are and where they are in their faith, while encouraging and leading them in ways that help them continue to grow their relationship with Christ. Linnea currently is a leader in Theodyssey, a spiritual formation group at Daybreak, as well as a volunteer in Kid Min at GHR. Linnea is employed by Trinity Preschool Playgroup where she serves as the Lead Teacher in the Pre-K class. If you didn’t know, Linnea also LOVES planning parties for her kids and family, and really enjoys making her own home decor using ideas from Pinterest. 

  • Aaron Kelley (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Growing up, Aaron lived in 5 different states and 7 different cities, most recently Pittsford, NY. He and his wife Laura began attending Daybreak in 2007, and they have since had 2 kids, Megan and Joshua. Aaron serves as a small group leader and Sunday morning greeter, and loves the wortship time and people at Daybreak. Professionally, Aaron works as a Carrier Account Manager for C.H. Robinson. A fun fact about Aaron is that he likes going to the gym daily followed by returning home and eating large portions of food covered in hot sauce. 

  • Tony Kline (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Tony is a local boy, growing up here in New Cumberland. He and his wife Samantha have 2 awesome kids, (or chillies as he calls them), Makayla, and Lucas. Tony has been attending Daybreak since 2006, and loves the way that Daybreak uses relevant terminology to talk about God and faith in a practical way. Tony is an incredible high school leader in Daybreak’s Student Ministries and serves (which he describes as hanging out, playing sports & games, picking on, sharing his faith, encouraging, etc) students so well. He is also a Home Group leader and helps with a small group of college age guys. Professionally, Tony is the Director of Product Development at PsyTech Solutions Inc. Tony has always enjoyed playing volleyball and loves getting away and camping with his family. 

  • Don Mitchell (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Don grew up locally, spending time living in both Camp Hill and Hershey. He and his wife Pamela have been attending Daybreak since 2010 and were drawn here by the solid biblical preaching, as well as the general energy and excitement that is present in our church. Don is retired, has an adult son, and is so grateful for God’s presence and provision in his life. If you ask Don how he is, you’ll probably hear him respond, “I am blessed,” and he truly means it. Here at Daybreak Don serves on the Welcome Team and the Prayer Team, two ministries that he is passionate about. Something you may not know about Don is that he really enjoys spending time watching good movies. You’ll have to ask him for his definition of what a good movie is! 

  • Jolene Ness (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Jolene grew up in Hagerstown, Maryland and moved to this area to attend Messiah College, where she has stayed ever since. Jolene connected to Daybreak when she was invited to become a counselor here in 2011. She started attending in 2012 when she joined Daybreak’s staff, taking a position in Care Ministries. Jolene currently works at Upturn in Camp Hill as a mental health counselor. Here at Daybreak, she assists in both the Prayer & Care Ministries and she loves how Daybreak embraces everyone and offers love and grace to all regardless of past or current circumstance. Jolene and her husband Randy have 3 adult kids, all of whom take up residence out in the western part of the country. Jolene is most happy being outdoors - riding her bike, gardening, and traveling to visit her kids. 

  • Tom Ranney (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Tom is a retired Alliance Pastor of 39 years and has served as senior pastor of 7 churches over that time. While a native of western NY, Tom helped to daughter 2 churches in NJ, and was instrumental in helping with the planning and construction of a new church building in Cogan Station, PA. Tom and his wife Phyllis have 2 adult children and have been attending Daybreak since 2010. They serve together on the Prayer Team, as small group leaders, as pre-marital mentors, and as ministry leaders for our Primetime Adult Ministry. Tom also serves as a speaker at Man Up. They are so excited about where Daybreak is headed and our outward focus, and feel so fulfilled through our preaching and corporate worship times. Tom is a storyteller. He loves history, reading, bible study, talking theology. He also loves football and is a big Steelers and Penn State football fan. 

  • Phyllis Ranney (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Phyllis teamed with her husband Tom in pastoral ministry for 39 years before retiring together in 2010. They served in 7 Alliance churches and are excited to be part of this church family together. Phyllis was born in West Virginia, but actually spent most of her growing-up years in Lockport, NY. Together with Tom, they have 2 adult children. Since 2010, Phyllis and Tom have entered into ministry together at Daybreak on the Prayer Team, as small group leaders, as pre-marital mentors, and as the ministry leaders for our Primetime Adult Ministry. Phyllis specifically loves how friendly the people of Daybreak are, as well as our outreach to the community and strong biblical teaching. A few hobbies of Phyllis’ include crocheting, stamping, and scrapbooking. 

  • Mark Shuey (1st Term September 2016 through August 2019)

    Mark grew up locally in Lower Allen Township and graduated from Cedar Cliff High School. He is the Director of Media and Technology Department at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. He and his family began attending Daybreak in 2003. Mark has been married to Luann since 1985, and they have three adult kids: Alex, Todd, and Kara. He loves Daybreak because of the welcoming and warm nature of both the staff and the congregation, and that we are truly a church on mission. He has a painful addiction to Phillies baseball, knows almost every word to every Jim Croce song, and ran a marathon to celebrate turning 50.

  • Steve Sinkonis (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Steve grew up in Franklin, NJ, a small enough town to house grades K-12 in the same building! Steve has been attending Daybreak since it was planted in 1999 and one of his favorite things about our church is that people are real about their journey with God and sharing life together. Steve and his wife, Laura, are Small Group leaders at Daybreak, and they have 3 teenage/adult children together. Of himself, Steve says he's good at taking things apart but always needs help from friends to put them back together. Currently, Steve works as a dairy manager at Weis Markets.

  • Scott Weaver (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021)

    Scott was born and raised in the Philippines, where his parents were missionaries. He has been part of Daybreak since our inception in 1999, and served as one of our founding Elders. One of the things that drew Scott, his wife Lorelei, and 2 (now adult) children to Daybreak was our outreach mindset and thinking outside of the box, which he says has allowed God to show us how to "do church" in a way that includes anyone! Currently, Scott serves as a short-term trip leader, Clarify Workshop leader, and occasionally preaches in our Sunday services. Professionally, Scott works as on Associate Professor of Computer Science at Messiah College. In his free time, he loves to travel and tries to go overseas as often as possible. 

Governing Board

In addition to our Lead Pastors, Ric Jacobs & Shawn Andrews, the following folks serve as lay Elders and Deaconesses on the Governing Board of Daybreak. By virtue of serving on the Governing Board, these members also serve on the Ministry Board. 

The Governing Board can be contacted anytime at

  • John Chopka (1st Term September 2016 through August 2019):

    Vice President

    (1-year Appointment September 2018 through August 2019)

    John grew up in northeast Ohio and West Virginia. He moved to south central PA in 2007 to serve as a vice president at Messiah College. John and his wife, Debbie, are the parents of Rachel and James. The Chopkas enjoy serving in a variety of roles at Daybreak including  Children's Ministry, Student Ministries, Marriage Matters, and the Welcome Team. In addition to spending quality time at Daybreak and Messiah College, John loves navigating the great outdoors via hiking and cycling, and vacationing with his family in Outer Banks, NC.

  • Scott Shirley: 


    (1-year Appointment September 2018 through August 2019)

    Scott grew up in Enola, PA, went to Penn State (BS '03 & M.Eng '04), then moved to DC for a few years before returning home to Central PA. Scott is married to Stephanie and they enjoy having a blast with their 2 young kids - Holden & Bennis. Scott and Stephanie were introduced to Daybreak in 2012 by a Daybreak member, and they love Daybreak’s mission and encouragement to live a 3C (Celebrate, Connect, Contribute) lifestyle. They have also found great connection in a small group here at Daybreak. Professionally, Scott serves as the CEO of Pledge It and as the Executive Director of Uplifting Athletes. Here at Daybreak, Scott is serving as the church’s treasurer. You may not know, but Scott is a former Penn State football player and has lots of great stories from that time in his life. 

  • Amanda Johnson: 


    (1-year Appointment September 2018 through August 2019)

    Originally from central Pennsylvania, Amanda and her husband, Adam, began attending Daybreak in 2008 and were immediately drawn to the welcoming atmosphere and the relevant messages that could be applied to everyday life. Amanda and Adam have two daughters: Lauren and Katie. Professionally, Amanda currently works as an Information Technology Project Manager for the Department of the Navy. Amanda enjoys reading, traveling, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Dean Argot (2nd Term September 2017 through August 2020)

    Originally from Pocono Lake, PA (Pocono Mountains area), Dean currently works as an Assistant Vice President of Gallagher Bassett. As one of the founding members of Daybreak in 1999, Dean loves that Daybreak is a  church that makes it easy for people to find out who Christ really is and helps them live out the life he has for them. Dean is married to Kelly, who is on staff at Daybreak as the Director of Global Ministries. Together they have 3 children: Alysha, Aaron, and Alanna. In his free time, Dean loves to explore God's creation, especially the ocean, lakes, and streams.

  • Carl Hollander (2nd Term September 2017 through August 2020):

    Carl grew up in Harrisburg City and is currently the District Manager at Penske Truck Leasing. He has attended Daybreak from the start in 1999. He was drawn to Daybreak by the idea of a church that cares about those that are far from or confused about Jesus. He loves the people at Daybreak that he calls family. He and his wife, Linnea, have four kids: Laura Leigh, Andrew, Christopher, and Mathias. Carl enjoys coffee, cooking, vegetable gardening, and finding the humor in life and making people laugh.

  • Victoria Lindstrom (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021):

    A native of Dillsburg, Victoria is the founder and President of Suasion, a marketing communications firm, as well as a co-owner of Lindstrom Machining. She is also completing her certification as a Christian Life Coach. For more than ten years, Victoria has found Daybreak to be a community of authentic people who truly accept each other while challenging each person to grow closer to Christ. She has led DivorceCare, participated in church planning projects, led strategic planning sessions for a variety of ministries and helped develop the People Helping People ministry. Victoria mentors young women, supports wives working through marriage challenges, and along with her husband, leads a small group for married couples. Together, Victoria and her husband Todd have five adult children: Morgan, Tyler, Alyx, Derek and Micah. They are also blessed with five grandchildren. In addition to spending time with family, Victoria loves to learn new things (she has an insatiable curiosity!), visit new places, and be in nature, in awe of God’s creation.

  • Sue Schreiner (1st Term September 2018 through August 2021):

    Born in Dillsburg, Sue moved to Northumberland in 3rd grade, where she lived until she was married to her husband, Frank. Together they have 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren. Sue began consulting for Daybreak in 2000 and then began attending in 2006. She retired from her Daybreak staff role of Director of Worship Arts in 2016, but she continues to serve as a Worship Arts leader and is currently helping to establish a worship leader apprenticing and mentoring ministry. In retirement, she also continues to teach piano and voice lessons privately. Of Daybreak, Sue says that while she loves the worship, her favorite thing about our church is that we aren't afraid to take a hard look at what is moving us on in God's plan and make course corrections as needed. She is thrilled to see all the life-change that happens at Daybreak! In her free time, Sue loves visiting the beach, and enjoys gardening, reading, and art.