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Get our mobile app to give, register for events, join groups, update your contact info, and pre-check your kids into Kid Min! Just search “Church Center” in the App Store or Google Play and add Daybreak as your church. 

New to Daybreak?

We’d love to have the chance to answer any questions you have. Visit to reach out and to let us know what next steps you’re interested in learning about.

Everyone is welcome to submit any prayer requests
or reflections on Sunday's message on that E-Response Card as well.

Weekly Outline

Get our message outline on the YouVersion Bible App!
If you'd rather get the outline in a PDF, visit outline.db.churchThe paper outline in the Scoop is available for those attending in person.

Giving @ Daybreak

If you’d like to give back to our Ministry Fund (the fund that furthers our ongoing mission), there are a bunch of easy ways to do so. Find information on those giving methods here

As our church family engages in God's call to sacrificial generosity, we are able to fulfill our mission of helping people discover and deepen a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Head to to check out some celebration and life-change stories that point to the impact our collective generosity has had recently! There you can also view info about how your generosity impacts our annual budget and our current financial report.

Discipleship Opportunities @ Daybreak

At Daybreak, we are passionate about helping people discover and deepen a life-changing relationship with Jesus and we see people do that here as they participate in core practices like worshiping, connecting, and serving, and as they tend to hurts and spiritual hungers through care and catalytic opportunities.

For a full list of opportunities, grab The Menu from the grid wall in The Commons or view online at And to let us know what you're interested in, fill out our form at!