"Jesus Only" YouVersion Bible App Reading Plan

Our Spiritual Formation Team spent a significant amount of time writing and creating a devotional YouVersion Reading Plan to partner along with our 2020 summer sermon series, "Jesus Only," to help us continue to engage with Jesus this summer in our study of the book of Colossians. This is the first time we’ve ever put together a Daybreak-written plan on YouVersion and it was a bit of a learning process, but our team is excited about how it’s come together.

There will actually be 2 different plans (Jesus Only: Part One and Jesus Only: Part 2) that will each cover about half of the series. Each week of the plan runs from Sunday to Saturday and aligns with the Sunday message for that week. That means we invite you to go search for “Jesus Only: Part One” in the YouVersion Bible App and start it on Sunday, June 21.

And while you could do these plans individually, they’d be even richer to do with friends or with your Small Group. So we encourage you to invite others to go through the plans with you! You’ll be able to share what God is teaching each of you on this journey in the “Talk it Over” section of the plan. Looking forward to tracking along with the series together and embracing JESUS ONLY as our source for a fulfilling and purposeful life. 

If you would prefer to access the content of this plan in PDF form, download it here: Jesus Only Part One PDF

"Jesus Only" Series Messages

The sermon messages that align with this reading plan will populate below after they have aired each week. To catch these messages as they air, just head to live.db.church on Sundays at 10:30am!