As of May 30, our facilities now primarily have an “up to you” mask policy.

Our goal throughout the pandemic has been to provide appropriate environments that allow the maximum number of people to engage in worship. In this season, we believe the following worship environments will continue to help us accomplish that goal...

  • OUTDOOR services (8:30 and 10:30 am) at Gettysburg Pike
  • INDOOR services (8:30 and 10:30 am) at Orrs Bridge Road
  • Our LIVESTREAM service (10:30 am) available at

There are only a couple exceptions to our new “up to you” mask policy...

  • In Kid Ministries: Nursery volunteers (primarily birth through age 1) will continue to wear masks. Because serving in this capacity requires a lot of close contact (volunteers holding or being face to face with kids), we’re asking nursery volunteers to continue masking for now in order to protect our littlest ones who might not be able to combat COVID if they contract it.
  • In Student Ministries: Students may be asked to mask in circumstances where a large number of students are indoors in close proximity in small quarters, so students should still plan on bringing masks to Student Ministry programs just in case. 

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Our COVID-19 Response

As a church family, God has called us to respond to the COVID-19 crisis not with a spirit of fear, but with a compassionate response that both protects and serves the people who are most vulnerable in our church family and community. And that's exactly what we'll be doing in the coming days as more and more people are in need. So…

  • If you NEED help, as always, we’d love to support you through meeting your care and prayer needs in this season. Just head to to get in touch with us and let us know how we can care and/or pray for you! That may be through talking with you over the phone, picking up your groceries, or even just praying for your requests as a team.

  • And if you WANT TO help, there are a bunch of ways we are inviting you to serve our church family and community during this time. Just head to to learn how you can join us in meeting practical and spiritual needs in the days ahead.