Rocky Road 2024

February 14, 2024

Our team of 5 Daybreakers set off this afternoon after a time of prayer and send off by staff. The team is heading to "Rocky Road" to team with our partners, Jesse and Brian. The team will be gone from today until February 24th. We hope you'll follow along on their journey!

February 15, 2024

Our team has safely arrived in Malaga, Spain!!

February 16, 2024

Greetings from Spain, 

Things are great so far. We are halfway into our day 1 with these amazing kids and their parents. The discussion just from this morning has been so meaningful for these kids and myself. For instance, in the 9th through 12th grade group, we were talking about the responsibilities they have and how they can use their gifts God has given them. That conversation lead to talking about violence right outside our doorstep. Enough that some can’t get to the grocery store that day. It is so impactful for them to have this safe place. They are able to build communities within the groups. 

Please pray for us that we can continue to be flexible. And pray for these kids here that they can come with soft hearts willing to hear gods voice in their life. with


February 18, 2024

We wrapped up at midnight  and are finishing up our debrief for today. Long days! We are doing great! Busy, but loving our time here with these families.

February 19, 2024

Hey Daybreak family,

As we wrap up our time here in Spain, there is a lot to reflect on. It has been truly a blessing and honor to serve these kids, and pour into them. Based on what we’ve heard from the parents and other workers here, the kids have truly felt loved by us. 

As a brief overview of what every day looked like, we ran Kid Min-type programming every morning for four hours from 9:00-1:00. During the afternoon hours, we were available to take kids so that parents could be alone or get together with other workers to reconnect in ways that are not possible on the field. 

Then, from 5:00-7:00, we ran more children’s programming. Oh, and did I mention we got to hang out with the kids at meal times? We had so many great opportunities to make these kids feel seen and loved. 

As a final big wrap up to the weekend, one of our Daybreak small groups sponsored a trip into town for mini golf and ice cream. What a great way to wrap up a weekend filled with fun. 

For the last four days, we’ve been stretched, had to pivot and plan and replan, and scrap the plan, and pivot again. We are exhausted and completely filled. We saw God move, and were God’s hands and feet. It really has been a truly amazing experience. I think everyone involved - both us and the kids and parents we served - have come away changed.

If you want to pray for us, you can pray for:

  • The workers who are now returning to their fields.  Goodbyes are HARD!

  • There is some sickness going around the kids here. So some of these families are headed home with sick kids.

  • The next leg of our trip (to Rocky Road) starts tomorrow evening.

  • Eyes to see, and ears to listen while we are there.

  • Safe travels back to the states on Friday.

Until next time family, thank you so much for your prayers. Have no doubt that they have been felt, and God is moving because of you.

In his name, 

Spain Team.

February 20, 2024

A message to Daybreak from one of the families we connected with hereheart


February 21, 2024

We made it!

Late (late!) last night we made it safely to Rocky Road. Many of us had the opportunity to stay up later and sleep in later than we have in years! Some members of our team were able to take a jaunt through the city this morning and enjoyed the surprising chilly weather and gorgeous architecture.

After a cup of coffee and some yummy pastries, we're headed out to explore more of the city today. We're so happy to be spending time with our friends here and learn more about this richly, welcoming country!

Hello Daybreak Family!

We had an amazing day in our host city...we had an authentic local dish for lunch and spent the afternoon in the Medina shopping and getting a feel for the culture of the area. 

The history of the area is spectacular, as well as the many colors and mosaics we saw everywhere. We had two stops for educational tours. One was a mosaic manufacturing pottery center - from start to finish made by hand, and another was the leatherworks area. The workers tan sheep, goat and cattle skins on rooftops, dye the hides and make into leather goods. The people of this region are extremely kind and hospitable. We continue to praise and thank God for our safety and the many ways that he is showing us with eyes wide open the needs of the area and how we might be of service in the future.