We partner with missionaries around the world that have been sent out from our church family by providing prayer and financial support of their global work.

The Beacks

Matt and Becki Beack started attending Daybreak in 2001, and became members in 2005. Matt and Becki were sent out from Daybreak and have been serving in the Philippines with Action International Ministries since 2011. They ministered to street children for many years, including at Brand New Day, a ministry that provides a home, stability, food, and education for youth that formerly lived on the streets of the Philippines. While they were in the US on home assignment in 2019, their son Aiden was diagnosed with autism. They knew that his educational needs wouldn’t be met at any school close to Brand New Day, so they realized that they would need to transition out of that ministry. They were approached by the director of ACTION Philippines about providing member care for the missionaries in the Philippines. The Beacks will come alongside, encourage, and equip the missionaries so that they can effectively serve the Lord while building sustainable ministries. God has given both Matt and Becki abilities and skills in counseling, listening, and empathizing with others. Missionaries (especially ones that are new to the country) have many challenges: learning a new language and culture, conflict with other missionaries, and dealing with traumatic situations; and they have to deal with these things without their support system in their home country. Matt and

Becki believe that God is leading them to care for missionaries “for such a time as this” when people are also experiencing stressors like Covid-19.

Matt and Becki have four children, Isaiah (15), Elijah (12), Aiden (7), and Judah (5). Praise God that they returned safety to the Philippines in November, and we’re able to reconnect with their Brand New Day family at the beginning of December.

Praise that they were able to move into their new house at the beginning of January.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

We're partnering with a husband and wife team currently working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in global positions from Dallas, TX. They have spent 10 years serving minority languages through literacy training, culture and language learning, teaching ESL, mentoring, and paving the way for a translation project to begin. Now they are serving in global roles creating translation resources that will be made available for local translators and Bible translation organizations all over the world and facilitating training and workshops for minority people groups to inspire them to engage with the Scriptures through their own language and culture in new ways. Learn more about Wycliffe at!