Our Gettysburg Pike Campus is now reopen!

The past year plus has been challenging, hasn’t it? There’s been so much chaos happening around us, and yet, there is hope. 

After months of setbacks due to COVID, we finally opened our Orrs Bridge Road Campus in February 2021. And after about 6 months of renovations to our Gettysburg Pike Campus, we had our Grand Reopening on Sunday, October 10. 

While we’ve always valued being a welcoming church family, with some strategic updates to our facility, we’re excited to be able to welcome more people than ever before - more people who need a fresh start, who are hungry for more in their life, or who are just exhausted and need a little hope. Is that you? 

In-Person Service Times: 9:00 & 10:45 AM

321 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 >>

If you can't make it in person, we also offer a Livestream Service: 10:45 AM @ live.db.church

Learn more about what to expect when you visit either of our campuses >>

This campus renovation was part of our 2-year Wide Open Generosity Initiative from 2019-2021.

Learn more about Wide Open >>

Read the GP Fact Sheet & Press Release >>

Scroll left and right below to see construction photos, then read more about the recent story of our Gettysburg Pike Campus!

The Story of our Gettysburg Pike Campus

Our Gettysburg Pike Campus has been hidden in a hollow of Upper Allen Township since it’s relocation there in 2005. However, it is quickly becoming the center of the community!

Here's a glimpse of how God has been working over the last few years:

  • 2018 - We partnered with the township to develop a Dog Park on the south side of our property. 

  • 2019 - LINLO Corp. bought the property on our north side, and we started to talk and dream with them about how together we could bless the community.

  • 2020 - LINLO cleared all of the trees along the highway of our property, and for the first time in 16 years, Daybreak could be seen from Route 15!
    • As we continued in conversations with LINLO, we shared that accessibility to our driveway has always been an issue for us, and that an additional entrance to the church property would be a big part of the church being accessible to the community. LINLO, in turn, shared their need to obtain a little more land in order to meet their property development goals. Coincidentally, 9 years ago we bought an additional 2 acres of land north of our property for $32K, and we really didn’t know why. It was just property that was adjacent to ours and seemed like a wise purchase for future endeavors.
  • 2021 - LINLO initiated an exchange of property that would benefit both Daybreak and LINLO.
    • In exchange for less than an acre of part of that land we bought 9 years ago based on opportunity and future hope, LINLO offered to give us a second entrance road - right through the middle of their development - with signage for Daybreak at key spots. 

    • Although a second entrance was a generous offer from LINLO, we knew it would do us no good if we couldn’t afford to invest in a connector road from the entrance to our parking lot. When we brought this up, LINLO offered to pay for the cost of that road construction. Essentially, our $32K land purchase was exchanged for a million-dollar second entrance/egress!

    • Then, upon hearing about the future walking path we had envisioned around our property, LINLO decided to add walking paths to their development plans that would connect the 75-100 apartment residences to our walking path. But beyond just connecting to our paths, LINLO is applying for the grants to pay for both their and our respective paths.

    • In addition, the developers on the south side of our property have decided to add walking paths to their plans and connect them to ours as well. This will give the church property connection to another 75 residential units, as well as access across Gettysburg Pike where the Township plans to build connector paths from those southside residences to Fisher Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.