Welcome to the devotionals for the Gentle and Lowly series. We’re so glad you have decided to engage in this way. Jesus invites us to hear His heart…that His heart is patient and kind; His heart is where the sinners are forgiven; His heart is where the troubled find peace; those suffering are healed; His heart is where the weary find rest. Jesus invites us to know that His heart is Gentle and Lowly.

Over these next seven weeks you’ll be invited to learn and experience the love of Jesus for you, for those you care for. Each week there will be two days of devotional content along with the opportunity to participate in a spiritual practice on the other two days. A spiritual practice is designed to create space in our lives to hear from God and respond in obedience. It can help to take us out of our head and aid in connecting relationally to God with our heart. We hope you will take the time to engage over the course of this Lenten season. It’s so good to journey together!

Group Lessons

spiritual practices