Series Resources

We’re engaging in our fall sermon series on The Lord's Prayer from October 2 to November 13! We invite you to dig deeper this season through the following resources:



THE LORD's Prayer Card

Download here or pick one up on Sunday morning.


Save to your phone, then apply as your background.

THE LORD'S Prayer Desktop Wallpaper

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As a response to this series, we invite you to engage with God in prayer through silence and in community on Saturday, 10/22 from 8:30am-12pm @ OBR. The cost is $5 and includes a light breakfast. 


Each week of our fall series our Spiritual Formation Team has crafted a 5-day devotional for you to dig deeper into the weekly content. 

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WEEK 1: October 2

Week 2: October 9

Week 3: October 16

Week 4: October 23

Week 5: October 30

Week 6: November 6

Week 7: November 13

As we move through the 7 weeks of the series, we will be looking closely at a familiar prayer commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer. Some of you may have grown up memorizing and reciting this as part of your early Bible education (Sunday School or Catechism). It is often part of a memorial service or group prayer.

For some, The act of saying these words brings a sense of comfort and solace whether it’s done together in community or by oneself. Yet one of the dangers is that the words become rote and mechanical and we can lose the meaning and truth they hold.

One of the goals in this series is for us to go beyond memorization. We want to understand and enter into the text, meditating on it to allow the truths to penetrate our hearts and souls. To this end, we offer you several suggestions.

  • Read the daily devotional. Each week the devotional will focus on a different translation of the prayer. This is to help give a fresh perspective.
  • You’ll also find questions each day for you to reflect on. Write your answers in your journal or on a tablet. This helps us to learn and contemplate more deeply. You’ll also read other helpful suggestions for meditating on scripture.
  • Use the small card or phone screensaver we have provided as a reminder to pause a few times during your day, and meditate on the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Leave the card somewhere you’ll see it regularly. Your bathroom sink or mirror, your nightstand or dresser, your cell phone charger, or your car dashboard. Every time you come across it, take a moment to pause, focus on God, listen, and then pray the prayer slowly and thoughtfully.
  • As you pick up your phone during the day (which is often a lot!), the screensaver will serve as a good reminder that we can speak to God as frequently as we pick up our phones. When you pick up your phone and see the screensaver, take a moment to close your eyes, listen to God’s voice, and pray the prayer slowly and thoughtfully.
  • Set an alarm for twice a day to commit to reading the prayer. First thing in the morning, midday, evening, or bedtime are good times. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and listen to God's voice, praying the prayer slowly and thoughtfully. Afterwards sit quietly and listen again to what God might be saying. In this way, you can develop a rhythm of connecting with God at set times during your day.

May the Lord bless you over these next weeks as you engage your heart and mind in our study of Living on a Prayer.