Short-Term Trips

Each year we follow our short-term teams on their trips via periodic updates as well as offer you info on future trips. Check out the teams' experiences that have went in 2024 so far below!

2024 Trips Booklet

See where Daybreak is partnering and looking to send teams in 2024 and part of 2025:

2024 Trips Booklet

2024 Rocky Road Field Forum Trip

We're sending 6 Daybreakers to "Rocky Road" from February 14-24, 2024!

View their blog!

Past Trips

2023 KidMin NYC Trip

We are sending eight of our 5th graders to join our new Alliance partners at the New York City Envision site for a week of community service and outreach from 8/13-16!

View the 2023 KidMin NYC blog >>